Private antenatal care London

The first 1001 days from conception to age 2 is widely recognised as a crucial period in the life course of a developing child. During this period, i specialise in giving expecting parents expert help and advice; ensuring their baby is bought into the world under the best possible conditions and grows into a healthy child.

I offer private antenatal care between 28 and 34 weeks’ gestation.  These contacts are offered faced to face, by phone or virtually.  You will have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of evidence based topics with me, your private health visitor.

In these unprecedented times, pregnant women and their families will no doubt have some burning questions about Coronavirus infection and pregnancy.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with me now and we can discuss all of your inquiries and concerns. Furthermore, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have put together some useful information regarding this topic. Please click here to access this information

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new birth services

These services I offer are vital when you are a first or second time parent. I firstly will offer you the opportunity It will give you the opportunity to ask all those burning and important questions you did not have time to ask your midwife, or those that you also forgot to ask. Furthermore, my private postnatal care services  include various packages specifically tailored to yours and your new-borns unique needs. You have the option to arrange a one-to-one experience in the comfort of your own home.
As a mother of four, I can attest to the fact no two pregnancy experiences are the same and all babies are unique.
During these meetings, I will cover a wide range of evidence-based topics which are relevant to the growth and development of your baby as well as issues relating to parenting and transition to parenthood.

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6-8 weeks

A 6 week old baby is such a special time. They are slowly starting to show their personality and develop somewhat of a character. It seems that every day, they do something new, which makes it hard to keep up with them! But there are so many cute things about this age period too – the way they hold their head when they fall asleep on your shoulder or how you can just tell that at any minute they might make an expression that would crack anyone up!

A few important things to watch out for if you have a baby this age:

A 6 week old baby tends to sleep about 12-14 hours a day and may have trouble staying awake when they are awake. And, just like adults, babies can get overtired which might lead to cranky moods or being fussy.

If your baby is in pain (screaming) from crying too much it could be because of discomfort from gas pains. They may also need feeding more often than usual – so try offering them the breast every two hours until their fussiness subsides! Babies typically spit up anywhere between five and twenty times per day. This doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with their digestive system, but rather how quickly their little stomach empties into theirs esophagus after feeds. Not all of this fluid will come back.

As a health visitor, this period in your baby’s life gives me the pleasure of discussing some of the milestones changes in your baby’s growth and development.  It is an interesting time, and is usually one in which your baby begins to interact with you. 

During this visit, we will cover some age appropriate activities, typical childhood illnesses and practical ways to keep your baby safe within the home.  There will be the opportunity to measure your baby’s weight and to discuss feeding.

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3-4 months

Babies are the most wonderful creatures in the world. They have adorable little faces and they’re so small! But, even though babies grow amazingly fast, the 3-4 month period in their development is crucial and it is a necessity that new parents are correctly advised around this time. 

In general, your child will start to become more active at this stage. For example, the more frequent use of their hands to explore everything around them–so expect lots of dropped dummies. It’s also common for children this age who are breastfed or bottle fed not wanting solids yet but rather just milk feeds.

My Private Health Visiting services are particularly useful for first time parents. I present the opportunity to assess your baby’s growth and development; whilst providing good check points to see how well you have transitioned into parenthood. Furthermore, I discuss specific topics such as  preparing to introduce your baby to solid foods at the recommended age of 6 months. 

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1 & 2 Year Reviews

These reviews are carried out shortly after your child’s first and second birthdays.  The areas to be assessed will include: gross and fine motor skills, nutrition, social and communication skills. For example, your child’s weight and height will also be measured and plotted on a centile chart in order to provide comparative information.  You will have the opportunity to discuss any areas of concerns in relation to your child’s development and any necessary referrals will be explored with you.

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