Private antenatal care

private antenatal care

The first 1001 days from conception to age 2 is widely recognised as a crucial period in the life course of a developing child. During this period, expectant parents have access to lots of information both from health professionals as well as social media. I offer Private Health Visiting Antenatal Care services in London for mothers between the 28th and 34th weeks’ gestation. The antenatal check is the first time that the parents will meet with a health visitor. These Private Health Visitor Antenatal Care services can be offered face to face, by phone or virtually. You will have the opportunity to discuss a range of related topics with your health visitor, all in the comfort of your home, a clinic setting or in a hotel, for overseas visitors.

what is antenatal care

Antenatal care is a type of medical care that focuses on the mother during pregnancy. It may also focus on the baby, and sometimes there are antenatal classes offered for both parents. Antenatal care can be used to help identify any potential issues with either the mother or baby in order to prepare for childbirth and parenting after birth. There is an increased risk when it comes to maternal health if you do not receive antenatal care; this risk increases exponentially as your due date approaches.

There are many benefits that come from private antenatal classes such as: emotional and mental health of both mother and baby improves, mothers will be more informed about their expectations during pregnancy, childbirth and after giving birth. Mothers also have access to help with any difficulties or concerns they may have which can leave them feeling reassured and supported throughout their pregnancy experience. 

private health visiting antenatal care

Private Health Visiting Antenatal Care includes helping women to develop healthy eating habits and empowering them to make healthy food choices during their pregnancy. Prenatal care is a vital part of ensuring that you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. It is not just about making sure the expectant mother has enough folic acid, iron or calcium; it is about attending to her emotional needs as well; exploring any doubts or fears she may have and suggesting practical solutions to these.

As a Private Health Visitor, I will normally visit between 10 -14 day after your baby is born and will do regular follow ups. During my visit, your baby’s weight and growth will be monitored and a physical head to toe examination will be carried out. I could also demonstrate how to give your baby his or her first bath.  Giving your baby their first bath is a special time for new parents but can be also daunting, therefore some parents would value support in building their confidence.